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Various Types of Hair Weaves

Hair weaving is quite a popular fashion trend anywhere in the world; it’s generally accepted by people of all ages. A few years back, hair weaving was beginning to fade but thanks to the new and stylish designs introduced by manufacturers, that won’t happen any time soon. The overwhelming acknowledgement and acceptance by celebrities and artists have set a brand new pace for hair weaves in the world of fashion.

Hair weaving can be done in numerous ways, each one offer considerable difference from the other but they all give the kind of instant change that goes well with your style and personality. Below are some of the most common types of hair weaves to choose from:

1. Human Hair Weave

If you’re considering these hair weaves, take note that they’re styled using actual hair from someone who donated or sold their tresses. Hair weaves of this type provide a more natural appearance but the real problem is finding the ideal match in terms of your own hair texture or color.

2. Synthetic Hair Weave

Synthetic hair weaves are commonly done using artificial weaves tightly braided into micro-braids or are twisted to create a certain pattern; keep in mind that synthetic hair weaves are temporary attachments used to create a new look.

Curly Weaves

Curly weaves are created by expertly braiding curly extensions all the way to the tip of the strands, a task best left to professional hair stylists. Curly weaves are not for everyone, they require regular care and maintenance especially whenever it’s washed and dried so if you’re not up to that then it’s better to look into other hair weaves.

4. Bonded Weaves

Bonded weaves are created by thoroughly attaching extensions into smaller sections of natural hair with the aid of bonding glue adhesive. Compared to other hair weaves, bonded weaves are pricier and requires a ton of care especially whenever its removed. If the removal or placement is not done properly, it can result to permanent hair damage. Bonded weaves lasts anywhere around a month or two and ideally removed before the bonds become loose.

Fusion Hair Weaves

The fusion weave is considered as another tricky weave to achieve, but it does create a fuller and more striking appearance for the one who’s wearing it. Using hot wax, the extensions are carefully attached to the sectioned off hair. On an additional note, fusion weaves lasts anywhere between two to three months and cost more than bonded weaves.

Additional Tips for Hair Weaves

Buy quality hair because the weaves that tend to not move even when you walk created an unwanted message; either it’s synthetic hair or you just couldn’t wash your hair for the past couple of weeks. Avoid getting overboard with the volume of hair, two bags will be more than enough otherwise it will look far from natural.

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